Folio C

Folio C – £130 (+ P&P)

All the images are created using traditional etching techniques there are no photographic methods used – all are drawn by ‘needling’ through wax ground, aquatiniting with resin and scraping, burnishing and dry-pointing to achieve all the visual effects.

All these etchings are Price Code c.
To contact us please e-mail:

(Click on an image to view larger version.)


Cobblers Last

Cobblers Last 330


Rainbow Suite
Rainbow Suite gave Michael a simple but effective opportunity to use a more vibrant palette within an order and harmony created by nature.

Red Posts – Red
Left Looking – Orange
Last Prawner – Yellow
Learning the Ropes – Green
Petanque au Plage – Blue
Looking Together – Indigo
Out Prawning – Violet

All the Rainbow Suite etchings are Price Code C.
To contact us please e-mail:

(Click on image to see larger version)


Last Prawner

Last Prawner 386

Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes 385

Left Looking

Left Looking 387


Looking Together

Looking Together 383


Out Prawning

Out Prawning 382


Petanque au Plage

Petanque au Plage 384


Red Posts
Red Posts 388

Please note: All information is for guidance only please contact us via e-mail for further details – prices subject to change at any time.

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