Welcome to the new site launched to coincide with the publishing of a new book called ‘Richecoeur Impressions’.

Michael has worked with French publishers to create a book that reflects on his work and celebrates the Island of Jersey where he lives surrounded by the landscape that inspires him.

Biography publishing details below:


Editions Les Chiens Rouge Associes 2013

ISBN : 2-913371-46-9

Published: June 2013

Obtainable from:        editions.chiens.rouges@neuf.fr

Book is in both French and English.
62 pages. 250×200 mm landscape format.
15 Euros + p&p.

39 works illustrated.
Contents: Preface / Jersey / Victor Hugo / technique / works / sets and personal exhibitions
Contact Julien le Brun



The navigation at the top of this page allows you to view a selection of Michael’s work, in addition to a Biography and a few notes about the Etching process. If you are interested in purchasing any of these prints or wish to find out more information please send us an e-mail: mar.prints@gmail.com

(Please note: This site is very much ‘under construction’ so bear with us while we add information and images to the site. If you have any questions please use the e-mail address above – thanks.)

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