Welcome to the new site launched to coincide with the publishing of a recent book called ‘Richecoeur Impressions’.

Michael has worked with French publishers to create a book that reflects on his work and celebrates the Island of Jersey where he lives surrounded by the landscape that inspires him.


Editions Les Chiens Rouge Associes 2013.  ISBN : 2-913371-46-9
Published: June 2013.   Obtainable from:        editions.chiens.rouges@neuf.fr

Book is in both French and English. 62 pages. 250×200 mm landscape format.
15 Euros + P&P.
39 works illustrated. Contents: Preface / Jersey / Victor Hugo / technique / works / sets and personal exhibitions

Contact Julien le Brun


The navigation at the top of this page allows you to view a selection of Michael’s work, in addition to a Biography and a few notes about the Etching process. If you are interested in purchasing any of these prints or wish to find out more information please send us an e-mail: mar.prints@gmail.com


Due to health reasons Michael no longer uses the acids and solvents he once used extensively.

He has developed new techniques and processes – using the same traditional linseed oil and pigments together with the same ‘ground’ of Arches 88 waterleaf paper. These exciting innovative techniques are ensuring that Michael can continue to communicate his beloved Light and Coastal themes onto paper.

They are unique  ‘Originals in oils’  – imperial size works –  which will be forming a collection of works for exhibition next year.

1 thought on “Welcome

  1. Bob Loiacono

    I bought one of your prints in the early 1980’s at an art store in Boston, MA. It is titled “Vraicing”. I have enjoyed it for the past 40 years and and was pleased to finally be able to figure out the signature and found your website. Thank you.


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